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HMA - Consultant-Centric Business Model

Our Consultant Centric Model is what attracts and retains our customers and consultants

Not only do we look for technical skills but - loyalty, integrity, culture fit, energy, balance, and drive to get things done.

A critical measure of success in consulting is the ability of our clients and HMA to discuss a shared vision. Our open communication standard is vital for a win/win approach. This is achieved through:

  • Attention to leadership
  • Corporate culture
  • Shared goals
  • Risk mitigation
  • Like methodologies

A long-term relationship is developed and a partnership is formed to gain success.

HMA is renowned for its' consultant-centric business model. Our philosophy is simple: If the consultant is happy, the client is happy. With a happy consultant comes a better focused consultant. This adds maximum price and maximum performance to the project. Time is the biggest cost driver when implementing leading edge technology. The more time spent on a project equals more implementation costs and unrealized benefits. Control time and you control your cost.